The RX3000 is as an FDA-cleared Class II Medical device that utilizes patented 5-stage HEPA filtration combined with powerful germicidal UV-C lights technologies to inactivate and/or remove 99.97% of airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particles larger than 0.3µm containing contaminants, allergens and odors. Testing in EPA-certified laboratories shows Rx3000 has been proven effective against harmful pathogens including multiple coronaviruses, H1N1, MRSA, pneumonia, strep, TB, measles, influenza, and the common cold.

Rx3000 provides 4 to 8 changes per hour (ACH) for a 1500 to 3000 sq. ft. room and can be rolled from room to room.  The RX3000 is proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards at an ISO 13485-certified manufacturer.   Each filter is tested and certified to ASTM standards.  All units are ETL safety certified for ElectroMagnetic Compliance (EMC) and Efficacy.

The specially coated UV lights do not produce radiation, ozone or any harmful byproducts.  The UV lights are totally shielded from user, providing safe operation in occupied rooms. Rx3000’s patented UV light ‘kill chamber’ makes HEPA filter changes safer as the germs in the filter are inactive or dead and unable to cause infection, versus active/live germs in traditional air purifiers that may become dislodged and inhaled when changing filters.

$ 7,999.00